mass appeal 2016

Mass Appeal on WWLP fashion segment on Spring trends from It’s All About Me in Hampden,

Breast Cancer Awareness Mass AppealAshley Kohl Mass Appeal Breast Cancer Awareness Month” Hair Stylist Catilin O’Connor / Photographer-Makeup Artist Elisa E/ Fashion Consultant Trish Eigenbrode



Through Cancer Workshop at WSpWS Senior Centerfld. Senior Center with Jim Leyden



Cancer IMG_5448House of Hope


wellness show 2016
As a women’s empowerment coach and cancer survivor, Cindy’s mission is to empower women through life’s challenges. She uses her experience as a sports coach and a weight management coach to assist women in bridging the gap between getting a cancer diagnosis, and creating an even more purposeful life after cancer. To listen on Itunes and subscribe to The Wellness Show podcast, click here


Lila Simmons interview on Thriving Through Cancer


Mass IMG_5560Appeal with Ashley Kohl “Ten Steps to Nourish Yourself”



Breast CancProfileer Awareness Interview with Alexandra Tresch of Fragrant Elegance Soy Candle Company