Hi,  I’m Cindy

After my second bout with breast cancer,  I began sharing what I wish I had known because I did not want others to suffer the saddness and frustration I felt after the doctor appointments were complete and I was left alone to move on with my life when I felt what I call  “Just not the same”


Since then a group of female cancer survivors have created our MISSION. We offer support and guidance for women and their loved ones deal with the “what if” and the unknown of life after a cancer diagnosis and/or treatments by creating a more mindful, accepting and purposeful life. It is our vision to educate those affected with cancer to become their OWN best advocates while creating the personal future they deserve.

If you were to ask ONE QUESTION to a women with breast cancer, what would it be ?


Cancer Survivor Cindy Sheridan Murphy shares her story about Thriving Through cancer with music by Debra Lynn Alt. Debra became the VOICE behind Cindy’s message

Paradise City Dragon Boat is a team of cancer survivors and supporters paddling on the Connecticut River in Northampton, MA. They completed their first race together as a team in Boston, MA 2016 and won the gold medal in the cancer survivor race.

Cindy has passionately been empowering men & women with overcome life’s barriers.  After learning the founder of Weight Won Dynamics and Murphs Magic has breast cancer,  we dedicated our next run to her.